Poetas por Km² is not a poetry festival, it’s a poetic festival. This is the premise of one of the most ambitious projects of the literary landscape in Madrid and now, in New York.

A decade is enough to solidify any cultural project, since it grows all across the spectrum: on one end, Poetas por Km² takes root in an eminently poetic tradition. From classic poetry to the blending of the most contemporary and experimental elements, Poetas por Km² has been building a broad range of voices, not only mixing rhythms and styles, but also roots, for its Latin American incursions have expanded its own borders and international repercussion.

Poetry readings, poetry slams, humor, music and performance shape Poetas por Km², a festival that fosters alternative ways of poetic expressions. This project arrives in New York for the first time after nine iterations in Spain, featuring the finest contemporary samples of literary creativity from both sides of the ocean. An inter-generational celebration of poetry as a craft, Poetas por Km² brings Accidents Polipoètics, Ajo, Eduard Escoffet, Javier Gallego Crudo, Josep Pedrals, María Salgado, Peru Saizprez and Sole Parody from Spain, sharing the stage with American Poets such as Urayoán Noel, John Giorno, Edwin Torres, Claire Donato and Robert Fitterman.