María Salgado


María Salgado has recited in numerous spaces of creation inside and out of Madrid as the theatre Pradillo (La Más Bella revista, 2011), the Festival de Poesía Barcelona (2011), the Casa de América (2011 poetas por km2), the Museo de la Universidad de Alicante (2012), the Meetings AVLAB of Medialab-Prado (2008) or the bookshop Rayuela of Berlin (2008).

Her project of poetical investigation is conceived from three fundamental axes: the critical investigation in the field of the contemporary poetics, the poetical creation and the activation of spaces of edition, diffusion and exchange like the project Contrabando or the cycle of distant recitals not different from the reading Zírculo Inestable de Tiza. She has lived in Buenos Aires, New York and Philadelphia. In the latter city she took part of the seminar of doctorate who directs the poet Charles Bernstein and the activities of the Kelly Writer’s House, head office of the sonorous file Pennsound.